This application will help you following you preventive PrEP treatment (pre-exposure prophylaxis), by assisting you with your intakes and activating alarms and notifications when it is time to take your pill.

The implemented protocol is explained in the 2018 PrEP guide from the Aides association.

More precisely, you will be able to:

• Record the time of PrEP intakes or intercourse very easily via the application, notifications or, if necessary, a smartwatch.

• Receive advices on the followed protocol (time for PrEP intake, number of pills to take, how many intakes after an intercourse, whether to start a cycle with a double take or a single take ...)

• Receive an alert when the protocol is not followed and an intercourse is not protected by the use of the PrEP

• Receive an alert if the number of pills left is not high enough

• Enter contacts (doctors, medical centers) for direct access if an intercourse is not protected or if it is time to request a quarterly consultation

• Enter the results of medical examinations (creatinine,...) to be able to follow the evolution over time

• And finally, access statistics and history (useful to prevent partners in case of STIs for example)

Your privacy is complete as your data are only store on your device only. This application does not required an internet access right, so can not share data with externally.

You can also activate fingerprint access protection if your device is compatible, and manage your data backup/restoration directly from the settings.

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Download and installation
Phone and tablet

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Application available directly from Google Play

Manual installation

First, the phone or tablet must allow manual installations. Open the phone "Settings" and then the "Security" menu.

The option "Unknown sources" must be ticked.

Finally download the application apk file with the phone or tablet browser, and when it is done click on the notification to lauch the installation.

If the notification disappears, open the "Download" application et click on the apk file.

Follow the screen indications in order to finish the application installation.

Download and installation

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Application available directly from Google Play