Droidtools (Deprecated)

This software is a utility containing various tools to better manage Android phones.

Among its main features:

• Task Manager

• Clean the application internal or external memory

• Media Management on sd cards, scan new media (except the ones flagged as ignored)

• Enabling batch applications auto-update in the google market

• Display the most energy demanding applications

• Battery Calibration

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Download and installation
Phone and tablet

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Application available directly from Google Play

Manual installation

First, the phone or tablet must allow manual installations. Open the phone "Settings" and then the "Security" menu.

The option "Unknown sources" must be ticked.

Finally download the application apk file with the phone or tablet browser, and when it is done click on the notification to lauch the installation.

If the notification disappears, open the "Download" application et click on the apk file.

Follow the screen indications in order to finish the application installation.