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Procedure files
Current configuration

Android : 2.3.7 build GWK74

Radio :

Kernel :

Firmware : CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1-passion

Launcher : ADW 1.3.6 System CM 1.1

Install android SDK on Windows XP

Download android SDL latest version at:

Uncompress the file in the following folder

C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows.

The right click on the workspace icon on the desktop and click on properties.

Go to the advanced panel, and click on "environments variables".

In the system variables, edit the "Path" variable to add:

;C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools

(remember to add a ; if there are other paths declared).

Save and close.

Connect the photo to Windows XP

Activate USB debug in phone menu "Settings":

Settings -> Applications -> USB debug

The drivers for the Nexus One are available in the Android SDK installtion folder :

C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows

Click on "SDK Setup.exe".

In the following window, go into settings and tick "Force https://... source to be fetched using http://...".

Then click on "Installed Packages" then "Update All".

Wait for the package installation to be done.

To check if everything was successfull, a new folder named

C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\usb_driver

must exist.

Stop the phone, connect it through USB to the PC and start the bootloader mode (keep pressing the trackball on startup).

The drivers installation box should appear. Tick "Yes" and install from a specified location :

C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\usb_driver

Click on next and wait for process ending.

The open a console and launch the following commands :

cd "C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools"
fastboot devices

If everything worked, the phone must appear such as

HT9CSP80xxxx fastboot.
Unlock the booloader

Stop the phone, connect it through USB to the PC and start the bootloader mode (keep pressing the trackball on startup).

Connect the phone with USB to the computer and open a console. Type the following commands:

cd "C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools"
fastboot oem unlock

On the phone screen, validate the bootloader unclocking knowing the warraty will be voided.

Click on Volume up to select "Yes", then on start.

The following message should appear:

... INFOErasing userdata...
FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))

Ignore it.

The phone will restart, and the USB debugging must be activated again in the phone settings:

Settings -- Applications -- USB debugging
Amon Ra recovery installation

Be careful, the original ROM can not be installed again when the recovery has been changed. The original recovery will have to be restored first.

Donwload the last Amon Ra recovery for Nexus One at:

Check the MD5Sum.

Copy the "recovery-RA-nexus-v1.7.0.img" file in the folder

C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools

The type in the console

cd "C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools"
ren recovery-RA-nexus-v1.7.0.img Recovery.img
fastboot flash recovery Recovery.img
del Recovery.img

Be careful to avoir to restart the phone, because the default ROM will repace the Amon RA recovery by the original one.

Update radio firmware

The phone must be in recovery mode (check last step).

Download the latest Nexus one radio firmware at:

The copy the "Radio_20100203_2_Signed_PASSION.img" in the folder

C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools

Then type the commands:

cd "C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools"
fastboot flash radio Radio_20100203_2_Signed_PASSION.img
del Radio_20100203_2_Signed_PASSION.img

Do not reboot the phone.

Flash CyanogenMod custom rom

The phone must be in recovery mode (check previous step).

Activate the HBOOT mode by clicking on the power button.

Then with volume down, move on the recovery menu and click on power.

First download the latest Cyanogen ROM at:

It should be something such as "update-cm-5.0.6-N1-signed.zip".

The download the Google android applications at:

It should be "n1gapps-EPE54B.zip".

Copy these two files at the SD card phone root by using for exemple the recovery menu "USB-MS Toggle" while connected to the computer.

Then backup the current ROM going into the recovery menu:

Backup / restore -- Nand backup

Click on volume down to exit the Nandroid backup menu.

Wipe from the phone the existing data by using the recovery menus:

Wipe -- Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe -- Wipe cache
Wipe -- Wipe dalvik-cache

Click on volume down to exit the Nandroid backup menu.

Finally install the ROM and the google application from the recovery menu:

Flash zip from sd card

First select the "update-cm-5.0.6-N1-signed.zip" file, then do it again with "n1gapps-EPE54B.zip".

Before rebooting the phone, finish with the following step in order to activate app2sd.

Format the SD card and activate app2SD

In the Amon RA recovery menu, go to "Partition SD card" and launch:

Partition SD
SD:ext2 to ext3
SD:ext3 to ext4

Reboot the phone, finally :)

Remove the default amazon mp3 application

On the phone, use the application "Terminal Emulator"and type:

mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock03 /system
rm /system/app/com.amazon.mp3.apk
Activate Google maps 5.0 rotation

Connect the phone to the computer with USB, then launch the command:

adb pull /system/etc/permissions/android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.xml

Change the file content by adding the following line:

<feature name="android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.distinct" />

Then replace the file on the phone with the commands:

adb remount
adb push android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.xml system/etc/permissions/android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.xml

Reboot the phone.

Add the Nexus S audio files in the internal memory

Download the Nexus S audio files at:

Uncompress the files:

unzip nexusstones.zip

Then launch the commands:

adb remount
adb push alarms /system/media/audio/alarms
adb push notifications /system/media/audio/notifications
adb push ringtones /system/media/audio/ringtones

Reboot the phone.