Last updated on 19/08/2021 12:42 by Matthieu Guenebaud
Update the BIOS

Download the BIOS latest version at:

The file must be the "Express BIOS update".

Unarchive and put the ".bio" file at the root of a usb key.

Insert the key in the server.

Then click on F7 while booting in order to access the "BIOS Flash Update tool".

Go to the "Boot" menu and activate "USB Boot".

Pick the usb key, then the ".bio" file and follow the process.

Remove the key once it is done and reboot.

Linux installation

During boot, click on f10 to select a USB distribution.

Ansible installation

Install ansible:

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ansible sshpass
sudo vi /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

Then replace:

scp_if_ssh = True
library = /etc/ansible/modules
ssh_args = -o ForwardAgent=yes
log_path = /home/guenmat/Bureau/ansible.log

Add the following modules:

sudo mkdir /etc/ansible/modules
cd /etc/ansible/modules && sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jistr/ansible-gsetting/master/gsetting.py && sudo mv gsetting.py gsetting
cd /etc/ansible/modules && sudo wget https://raw.github.com/jistr/ansible-dconf/master/dconf.py && sudo mv dconf.py dconf

Then launch the script and enjoy:

cd /data/Projets/ansible/playbook
ansible-playbook nuc.yml -i ./inventories/nuc.inventory -v --user=guenmat --ask-pass --ask-become-pass --become