Last updated on 03/10/2017 22:23 by Matthieu Guenebaud
Current configuration

Android : 8.0 build OPR6.170623.013

Radio : angler-03.84

Kernel : 3.10.73-gab9731c839d

Do a screen capture

Press at the same time the power button and volume down.

The screen capture will be available in the folder "Pictures/Screenshots".

Apply a complete firmware image

First you must have the Android SDK installed, in this exemple in /data/Applications/AndroidSDK/.

Download the appropriate system image at:

Then unzip it.

Connect your device to your computer over USB and enable USB debugging in developper settings.

Type in terminal:

sudo /data/Applications/AndroidSDK/platform-tools/adb reboot bootloader

To reboot your phone in bootloader mode.

Then unlock the bootloader with:

sudo /data/Applications/AndroidSDK/platform-tools/fastboot flashing unlock

Click on YES with power button

Flash the image previously downloaded with:

sudo ./flash-all.sh

Once the phone has started, shut it down, then reboot in bootloader mode by pressing POWER + VOL UP + VOL DOWN while the phone boots.

In order to lock the bootloader, then type:

sudo /data/Applications/AndroidSDK/platform-tools/fastboot flashing lock

Click on YES with power button