Start a java application through a proxy

Paste in a .bat file:

cd C:\applications\GuenMatTools\NotepadDesktop
java -DproxyHost= -DproxyPort=8080 -DproxySet=true -jar C:\applications\GuenMatTools\NotepadDesktop\application-jar-with-dependencies.jar

To find the corresponing IP and MAC addresses:

arp -a

Keyboard shortcuts

• Display emojis:

Windows + ;

• Display file explorer:

Windows + E

• Changing display mode:

Windows + P

• Hide the windows:

Windows + D

• Save a print screen:

Windows + Impr. Ecran

• Personnalise a screen capture:

Windows + MAJ + S

• Display windows settings:

Windows + I

• Open the app located at the # place in the tab bar:

Windows + #

• Insert an hypertext link: